3 Very Useful (and Very Affordable) Tools for Nonprofits

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Here are some awesome tools for nonprofits (or social enterprises OR for personal use) that I’ve found have significantly improved both my personal productivity and efficiency and that of the ImpactFlo team.

1. Save time on your social media using Buffer
Free for the basic account, $10/mo for the “Awesome Plan” [Buffer unlimited content, add team members and Buffer to up to 12 social media accounts]

Buffer is an amazing social media management tool that allows you to “load up” on things to share. You can add links to your Buffer dashboard as you come across them, rather than bookmark to share later (which you often forget to do anyway), and Buffer will post them at well-timed intervals for you. In a recently added feature to the pro account, you can even schedule the posts yourself. I’ve used it for ImpactFlo and for personal use and I really love how much time it has saved me for social media

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3 Simple Steps to Converting One-Time Supporters into Lifetime Supporters

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Follow these three simple pieces of advice and keep supporters engaged with your cause:

1. Be yourself

Being forthcoming, transparent and letting your team’s personality shine through your posts will go along way. In the age of social media, people expect to be able to connect with those delivering the message from the other side of a computer screen – digital is becoming increasingly human. Share photos of your team working in the field or in the office – place a face to your organization. The more personally connected people feel, the more likely they are to remain engaged and supportive of your cause.

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