3 Very Useful (and Very Affordable) Tools for Nonprofits
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Here are some awesome tools for nonprofits (or social enterprises OR for personal use) that I’ve found have significantly improved both my personal productivity and efficiency and that of the ImpactFlo team.

1. Save time on your social media using Buffer
Free for the basic account, $10/mo for the “Awesome Plan” [Buffer unlimited content, add team members and Buffer to up to 12 social media accounts]

Buffer is an amazing social media management tool that allows you to “load up” on things to share. You can add links to your Buffer dashboard as you come across them, rather than bookmark to share later (which you often forget to do anyway), and Buffer will post them at well-timed intervals for you. In a recently added feature to the pro account, you can even schedule the posts yourself. I’ve used it for ImpactFlo and for personal use and I really love how much time it has saved me for social media

As an added bonus, they haveĀ amazing customer service and one of the best blogs on the internet, blog.bufferapp.com

Buffer App

Quote text on all your social media outlets without having to retype anything.

buffer app 2

Share on multiple social media outlets in one click – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and in a brand new feature, Google +.

2. Create cool, coherent visual stories with Storify
Free for the basic account, with professional accounts starting at $79.95/mo

Storify is a cool web-based tool that allows you to gather all types of media around a topic, from all over the Internet, and use the collection to create a story. This is a great way to provide your site visitors a comprehensive pictures of the type of work your organization does, the lives you touch and the impact you make.

Stories you create are sharable, trackable and embedable.

storify app


3. Increase productivity and accountability with iDoneThis
$5 per user, per month (30 day free trial)

iDoneThis is, hands down, one of the coolest services I’ve found on the internet. The concept is simple: write down what you did throughout the day.

The app is well worth it because it adds a level of accountability to your whole team. Everyone sees what everyone else has done, with the ability to comment on others’ accomplishments, pushing team members to increase their own productivity.

Entering your tasks for the day is easy: iDoneThis sends you an email at the end of the day, to which you list what you’ve completed in your reply. iDoneThis sends a team digest to every member in the morning.


What other applications do your organization use for management, productivity and communication? Reply in the comments or tweet us @ImpactFlo!



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